User Guide

1. Introduction

1.1 Overview
Welcome to Dr. Tom’s Lifeguard Vision, the world’s first phone app simulating real drowning scenarios. This app is designed for lifeguards, parents, caregivers, and aquatic supervisors to practice and enhance drowning detection skills.

1.2 Purpose
Dr. Tom’s Lifeguard Vision aims to provide a realistic and engaging experience for users to recognize drowning incidents, fostering increased awareness and preparedness in water-related settings.

2. Getting Started

2.1 Download and Installation
Download Dr. Tom’s Lifeguard Vision from the Apple Store or Google Play Store. Install the app on your device, and you’re ready to start practicing drowning detection.

2.2 Choosing Scenarios
Upon launching the app, choose between indoor and outdoor scenarios to simulate different pool environments.

3. App Navigation

3.1 Selecting Indoor or Outdoor Scenarios
Use the app’s interface to switch between indoor and outdoor scenarios, offering varied lifeguarding experiences.

3.2 Using the Toggle to Move Around
Navigate the pool area by toggling through different viewpoints, simulating lifeguard movements around the pool.

3.3 Realistic Pool Sounds
Experience realistic pool sounds to enhance the immersive lifeguard training. Adjust sound settings in the app if needed.

4. Drowning Detection

4.1 Observing Swimmers
Keep a vigilant eye on all swimmers as various drowning scenarios unfold in real-time.

4.2 Clicking to Detect Drowning
Click on a person when you detect a drowning incident. Act promptly to simulate a lifeguard’s response.

4.3 Missed Drowning Alerts
Failure to detect a drowning in time results in a pop-up notification, indicating that a drowning incident has been missed.

5. Settings

5.1 Sound Controls
Adjust sound settings to enable or disable realistic pool sounds based on your preferences.

5.2 Pause Feature
Pause the app at any time if needed, allowing users to take breaks or address other priorities.

6. Important Information

6.1 App Purpose and Disclaimer
Dr. Tom’s Lifeguard Vision is a training tool designed to practice drowning detection. It does not replace lifeguard training and certification.

6.2 Lifeguard Training Disclaimer
Lifeguards should undergo formal training and certification from recognized bodies in their jurisdiction. The app is a supplementary tool and not a substitute for lifeguard training.

6.3 App Limitations
The app does not guarantee swimmer safety or improved lifeguard performance. Drowning is inherently challenging to detect, even for trained lifeguards.

7. Conclusion

7.1 Lifeguard Vision in Practice
Utilize Dr. Tom’s Lifeguard Vision to enhance your drowning detection skills. Stay vigilant and practice recognizing potential dangers in various scenarios.

7.2 Licensing for Aquatic Professionals
Aquatic professionals can license Dr. Tom’s Lifeguard Vision for facilities of any size, gaining access to analytics for tracking training progress and insights to boost lifeguard performance.


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